Buying followers, likes, comments, etc. it will make it easier for you to make your social media account instantly popular, make it visible to more social media users and get higher ranking on the social media platform so you can reach new audience more easily as it has been proven, according to research, users of the platform follow a popular account much more easily than a more unknown one.

A social media video that you have posted and has received few likes or no likes has the result of not inspiring trust or even prestige in someone who will see it. Once you buy Likes for any social media platform you will show on other social users that your videos are popular and that there are people who appreciate them. 

This way new social media users will start to trust you faster and you will get more interaction on your social media profile.

Buying video views on social media will push your social videos to be recommended to users more often and appear high in the social recommendations. So keep in mind that by buying video views you will directly and indirectly gain many additional social media viewers and social media followers.

All followers, likes, comments and views added to your social media account, social videos and social posts come from mixed accounts, real and bots.

Buying followers, views, likes or comments is not illegal in any way or form or law. Your social media profile or social videos will not be deleted or removed because your social account has purchased Followers, Likes, Comments and views as such from real users. Social media only removes videos that have illegal content or content that violates the platform’s terms of use.

We do not need your password or other personal information to perform any social media service on your social profile or social media page.

In the case that the followers, likes, Comments or views do not come in the time we promised you or the entire order is not fulfilled, you have the right to request a refund. 

Note that in case an entire order is not fulfilled we will return back to you the remaining followers, Likes, comments or views that you did not receive.

The main social services of SocialRaid are visitors from all over the world, likes and followers. Visitors are mixed accounts, humans and bots, from all over the world on a random basis (US, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, etc.). That means a global audience. You may receive social traffic from many different countries. We do our best to promote you or your website/social media accounts to an English-speaking audience, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee what type of people will follow, like or visit your social page with this global audience.We still can’t offer targeted fans services from specific cities or other countries at the moment, but we are doing our best to offer such a service in the future.

We do not recommend it in any way. For example, if you buy Facebook Page Likes from SocialRaid, our system starts counting our progress based on the number of likes at the moment of your purchase, and if another service from another company increases your likes at the same time, it will be counted in our service we’ve done for your account.

It should be noted here that in such cases if the service from us is seen as complete because you simultaneously added a service from another provider to your account, we will not be able to refill followers, likes, views or comments that you did not get. For example: You have a tiktok profile that has 500 followers and you order +1000 tiktok followers from us, the service starts from us and sends you followers slowly, while you have reached 800 followers, you order instant service +1000 followers from another provider at that time before our service is completed and you reach 1800. Our system will see that you have reached 1500 followers (500 of yours + 1000 of ours = 1500) and will stop sending. 

So it’s a must to wait for the order you made from us to be completed first and then order again so you don’t lose some of the followers you paid for. We are not responsible for replacing likes,followers,comments,views or any other service of us that weren’t built by us as a result of a conflicting third-party campaign. It’s for this reason we recommend pausing your other campaigns before placing an order with SocialRaid.

The same rule applies to orders you place from us for the same profile or page. Do not make multiple orders on the same profile or page.

All our services are run by people who give commands to softwares when to run. Please understand and trust us as there is always an order queue and priority order. We always do our best to complete your order within the estimated delivery time shown on our webstore.

If you believe it has been more than a few days or hours (depending on the service you chose) before you see the movement, or if we have taken longer than the estimated delivery date, please get in touch directly via our contact page and we will get back to you as fast as possible for the status of your order.

We usually do not use such methods. Most of the services provided by SocialRaid are drip-fed. Your new followers will not follow you at the same time, to make the whole process seem more natural.

We do this to reduce the chance of followers being deleted from social platfrorms as fake profiles and not to lose a large percentage of your paid followers.

Most of our social media services use a drip-fed system which is why they are slower but also with better quality profiles“.

Social services take some time and your new paid subscribers or paid likes will not appear immediately.

We have various types of social media packets, others take 1 to 24 or 48 hours to complete and our larger packages can take 2-12 or 5-20 days depending on the size of the campaign.

We recommend you always choose these services as the profiles are high quality and the process is more natural.

Depending on the service you are interested in, for example you can go to the tiktok services page select tiktok followers and you will find in the package description the estimated start time and delivery time. Most of the time orders start from 1 to 24 hours.

In any case that after the estimated delivery time you still have not received your service, PLEASE contact us immediately through our contact us page or by direct email to support@socialraid.com, give us your order ID and your social media link and we will refund your payment or forward again your order. No need to open dispute at your bank, just contact our 24/7 live chat support and we will refund your payment!

Note: In case you dispute the transaction between us at your bank for fraud reason without first contacting us to request a refund, we have every legal right based on our company policy to exclude you from any future transaction with our services or even ban your ip.

You will receive an automated email after your payment to the email you provided at our checkout with your order ID, details and status. You will find it in your main inbox or spam folder.

Why can’t i see my Facebook follower count showing? No worries we are here for you. Check here the guide we made for you.

Look no further on how to get facebook post link. Socialraid took care of you with a step by step guide that you will find on our blog here.

Are you still looking for how to copy youtube comment link? No worries we are here for you. Check here the guide we made for you.

If you are still trying to find a way on how to copy a facebook comment link, then your search has come to an end. Click here and see the complete guide we have for you.

Did you find a guide anywhere on how to copy an instagram comment link? Yes of course, you just found it. Click here to see the guide we prepared for you.

Are you still looking for how to make a facebook post public so it can be shared? No worries any more because socialraid has taken care of you. Click here and follow our guide.

At socialraid.com the only thing certain is that you will find reasonable prices and quality social media services. The more followers, likes, views etc you buy, the bigger the discount on the total price.

Regarding the refund issue, we inform you that a refund is only made if the service has not started running 24 hours after you paid. In case you have ordered for example: 1000 tiktok followers and you only got 600, then you must contact us immediately and we will fill the rest of the followers for free of course.

First of all the MOST IMPORTANT thing is not to convert your social media profile or social media page from public to private and do not make any changes at all to any name or nickname or email of your social media account as the system will not be able to locate you and execute your order resulting in the process being terminated and you losing your money, which we would not want.

You definitely have to be a little patient due to the nature of the social services we provide you.

Every time our store receives an order from a customer, in order to ensure that everything will go well we first do a check on the process before starting it.

Based on this, depending on how big your order is, it can take between 30 minutes to 6 hours to start.

We cannot ensure and guarantee that the followers you pay will comment or Like any of your social media photos or any of your social media posts.

Usually this depends on how often you upload content to your social media account. The social services we provide are to help your social media presence towards the real audience in your first steps in order to attract more people.

But don’t forget that in socialraid you can buy social media comments or buy social media likes to show the real audience that you have unique content and different from the rest.

Our advice is to upload 3-5 text and image posts every day depending on the topic that your social media profile or social media page represents, but also to interact with the world in order for them to stay loyal to you.

Socialraid does not offer its services under any circumstances to social accounts that violate the policies of any social media platform. Some types of accounts we do not work with are:

  1. Social media profiles with inappropriate pornographic content
  2. Accounts that condemn or condone and promote violence and hatred through text or audio-visual posts.
  3. Profiles that applaud and promote gambling by all means.

These are just a few examples, we also exclude any kind of collaboration with accounts that violate any other rule of the social media platforms’ policies.

We at sociallraid.com reserve the right to refuse any service at any time if we find that any account violates any policy rule of Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and any other social media for which we provide our services .

All the services we provide you are paid once only and we do not charge your bank account monthly.

Any time you face any problem with any of our services we provide you with 24/7 live support. We usually respond to your messages in the afternoon and evening hours nowadays due to the high volume of orders we manage daily.

Feel free to contact us at any time either by filling out the contact form found here or by emailing us directly at support@socialraid.com.

Once our service has been performed on your account unfortunately nothing can be deleted by us unless you start deleting the followers yourself. Likes and views, however, cannot be deleted even by you, unless you decide to delete your whole post, image or video.

We use one of the most secure online payment systems VivaWallet. The cards accepted by our system are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc.

In order for our service to run successfully on your account and for your followers, likes and comments to arrive on time, our system must be able to access your profile and to do this your profile must be public and visible to everyone so you don’t face any problems with any of our services

No it is not necessary, because when you buy followers, what is left to do on your side is to post nice content and relevant to the topic your profile follows, thus showing that you are active in order to reach more and a real audience to increase interactions.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you follow back the paid followers because this way these “fake profiles” gain a better presence and thus the social media platforms do not delete them, so that you do not lose some of the paid followers in the future.

By helping these profiles you are actually helping yourself. In this case, don’t follow back all those paid followers at once or you will experience problems with your account. Do 5-10 follow backs/day.


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