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How to make a facebook post public (Phone and PC)

1) USING FACEBOOK ON DESKTOP GUIDE: First things first,open whatever browser you use and type in the address bar above facebook.com . If prompted, just enter your email and your password and press log in button. Left click on your profile picture at the far top right and a menu of options will appear. In this menu, left-click again on the facebook profile picture located at the top left of the menu. It will take you to your facebook profile page. Now that you have found your facebook post by going to your name icon above the post, you will

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How to find and copy link instagram comment

Many of you may have wondered how to share a specific Instagram comment to a friend, or to a site. There are a lot of ways of why it is better for you to know how to copy the right instagram comment link. Let’s say you want to buy instagram comment likes from socialraid.com which provides such social media services, to make your instagram profile more attractive to the public. How will the socialraid system know which is the instagram comment you want to increase instagram comment likes if it doesn’t have the right link in its possession? Socialraid has

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How to find and copy a facebook comment link

As we all observe the world trends changing day by day very quickly, so we too have to somehow adapt to the new features. If you work in a car repair shop and they bring you new tools you have to learn how to use them. The result will automatically be an increase in your productivity and profits.. So the same strategy is followed by the Facebook company in all its new features. One of the most important achievements of this social media platform are the facebook comments. By knowing how to use it right, you can attract people to

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How to copy youtube comment link

I think all of you will have noticed that sometimes it’s more fun to watch the youtube comments section than the youtube video. It’s almost crazy what usually happens in the comments under a youtube video, weird and very funny comments that make you lose your mind but many times you will find comments full of cringe. It’s a shame that once on any youtube webpage with videos you could find a share button for comments but now it has been removed. This button was very usefull because sometimes you might find a youtube comment that gives some important information

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How to get a post link on facebook

Quick Guide for PC: First go to the Facebook post you want to get the link. Then just click the time stamp on the facebook post. Now double click the URL in the address bar of your browser. Press right click and then select copy by going to Edit > Copy or by pressing Ctrl+C (PC) or ⌘ Command+C (Mac). Now just Paste your URL into a word document, note, or message by pressing Ctrl+V (PC) or ⌘ Command+V (Mac).   Step by Step Guide for PC: STEP 1 Go via your browser to https://www.facebook.com. If you see the facebook

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How to show your followers on facebook

The truth is that we are a little jealous when we see other facebook users have so many followers and that’s when we start searching the internet how to get more followers on facebook. If it happens you are famed or a very famous person like a celebrity with a lot of social fans then you will probably have a lot of facebook followers. Maybe you want to build social media fans on Facebook because you are a new vlogger or new influencer or you even just started a business, so you’ve thought it’s time to let your fans to follow

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