How to copy youtube comment link

I think all of you will have noticed that sometimes it’s more fun to watch the youtube comments section than the youtube video. It’s almost crazy what usually happens in the comments under a youtube video, weird and very funny comments that make you lose your mind but many times you will find comments full of cringe.

It’s a shame that once on any youtube webpage with videos you could find a share button for comments but now it has been removed. This button was very usefull because sometimes you might find a youtube comment that gives some important information and you wanted to share it with someone.

Guess what ? Socialraid is here to tell you its little secret on how you can still today copy the link from a specific youtube comment. So there is a permalink for each youtube comment and it can be used to open the youtube video along with that particular comment selected at the top of the youtube comment section.

Now let’s see how to copy youtube comment link with our guide.

NOTE: Please note that there is currently no guide on how to copy a link from a youtube comment through the youtube app on android and IOS devices.

  • Open yout browser on your computer and type in your adress bar, then press enter.
  • Now find the video in which you have found the comment you are interested in and look for it under the video in the comments.
  • Now you simply have to click on the timestamp (every youtube video has a label that mentions the time the comment was made, this is the timestamp) of the comment for which you wish to get the link.

This little trick will reload the YouTube page and will refresh the comment section with the selected youtube comment highlighted.

The LINK in the address bar of your browser would now display the comment’s permalink you’ve selected. Now all you have to do is to just copy the entire LINK from the address bar.

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Now you can share with anyone and anywhere this youtube comment url. The youtube comment link will open the video and highlight the selected comment at the top of the youtube comment section just exactly under the video’s description, making it more easy for others to locate it.

You can also can select copy link just by right click on the youtube comment timestamp and get your share link.

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